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Network Automation and Optimization Products

Designed to help MNOs automate and orchestrate their heterogenous network with a single multi-vendor, multi technology solution. This AI/ML enabled portfolio aims to improve operational efficiency and business profitability.

HCL Augmented Network Automation Platform


HCL Intelligent Quality of Experience

HCL Intelligent Dynamic Energy Saving (4G/5G)

HCL AI based Cluster Congestion Relief

HCL Virtual Drive 

HCL Mass Event 

HCL 4G Network 

HCL Augmented Network Automation Platform

HCL Augmented Network Automation (ANA) Platform is a next generation mobile network management micro-services platform that enables MNOs to simplify network management with a closed-loop network automation environment. This containerized and modular platform leverages AI/ML and Analytics across multiple layers to automate the networks, provide deep analytics delivering cost saving and operational efficiency while maintaining the quality of experience.

  • Improves Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with an optional subscription-based hosted cloud deployment.
  • O-RAN ready platform built to support the evolution from SON to C-RIC and from C-RIC to Service Management Orchestration (SMO/ ORAN).
  • Ready to deploy a rich portfolio of field-proven applications for 3G/4G/5G networks.

HCL RAN Data Collector

HCL RAN Data Connector is an AI/ML powered cloud-native, vendor-agnostic micro-service application suite specifically designed for MNOs to virtually collect data from various network elements and deliver actionable insights.

  • Subscriber Experience Observability – It tackles coverage disparity between lower and higher frequency bands, avoiding over utilization of coverage layers and underutilization of capacity layers.
  • KPI Monitoring & Reports – This application runs deep analytics and generate reports to ensure SLA adherence and exceptional quality of experience.

HCL Intelligent Quality of Experience

HCL Intelligent Quality of Experience is self-learning AI- based software that enables MNOs to optimize cell clusters basis traffic pattern. This vendor agnostic software can help significantly improve throughput of cell sites and relieve network congestion.

  • Uses AI/ML to predict potential service degradation and identifies eligible cell pair.
  • Automates network management and enables efficient network planning.
  • Enhances the system synergies and better utilization of resources.

HCL Intelligent Dynamic Energy Savings for 4G/5G

HCL IDES is an AI/ML-powered solution that optimizes RAN energy consumption enabling MNOs to save operating costs and meet ESG goals by building sustainable networks. It analyzes a range of data sources including network statistics, real-time traffic data, call trace records, and more. This product is vendor-agnostic seamlessly accommodating network evolution across 4G, 5G, and ORAN technologies with its multi-layer awareness.

  • AI/ML enabled solution supports both traditional & ORAN networks
  • Proven technology saving millions for large telecom operators across the globe.
  • RAN automation to deliver energy efficiency.

HCL AI based Cluster Congestion Relief

HCL AI based Cluster Congestion Relief is self-learning AI based software that enables MNOs to optimize cell clusters basis traffic pattern. This vendor agnostic software can help significantly improve throughput of cell sites and relieve network congestion.

  • AI/ML algorithms for predictive congestion relief across a cluster
  • Supports 4G and 5G networks using patented technology
  • Flexible and fast deployment

HCL Virtual Drive Test

HCL Virtual Drive Test (VDT) is environment friendly 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) based solution to measure the user experience and radio network KPIs. It utilizes GPS-based user experience and RAN location data, dashboards with georeferenced plots for both stationary & mobility scenarios generating data driven analytics and insights.

  • Provides access to all network & users performance information as obtained from any traditional drive tests with greater efficiency
  • Faster new site rollouts and reduced manual drive tests resulting in CAPEX and OPEX savings
  • Increased operational efficiency by faster customer complaints resolution

HCL Mass Event Handling

HCL Mass Event Handling (MEH) enables CSPs to maintain customer quality of experience and optimize throughput during large scale events. This AI/ML based product is capable to learn, predict and implement network changes in a closed-loop maintaining the network KPIs and hence customer satisfaction:

  • Inter Carrier Load Balancing(4G) to dynamically optimize the inter-frequency load in idle mode.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing(4G) to dynamically manage the intra-frequency load balancing in Twin-beam.
  • Dynamic Parameter Audit and Enforcement(4G) to apply specific parameters in advance.
  • Profile Based Load Management(4G) to dynamically configure the ‘high-load’ profile according to pre-defined load conditions

HCL 4G Network Slicing

HCL 4G Network Slicing enables automated configuration of 4G network slices with user defined attributes. It also monitors slice performance against policy-based SLAs. It enables slicing of 4G network to create secure ecosystem for premium services like IoT, Surveillance and monitoring etc.

  • Effective usage of dynamic radio resource partitioning
  • Slice-aware quality of service (QoS) enforcement
  • Slice orchestration functionality for service-level agreement (SLA) fulfillment
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