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Digital Telco, Sustainability and Data Center Solutions

HCL Software’s Digital & Sustainability Solutions are created to simplify business operations aiming to improve operational efficiency and business profitability. These solutions help CSPs drive sustainability agenda through business automation and support in their digitization journey.

HCL Data Center Observability

HCL Data Center Energy Management

HCL Telco Observability Platform

HCL Unified Device Management

HCL Digital Telco 

HCL X-Haul


HCL Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway

HCL Data Center Observability

HCL Data Center Observability(DCO) is AI/ ML powered solution delivering a single pane of glass for Enterprise’s Data Center infrastructure management.

  • End-to-end mapping from Applications to Data Center Infrastructure and helps in capacity planning.
  • Auto discover data center topology to give a complete connectivity view.
  • Complex event correlation, anomaly detection to enable root cause analysis (RCA) for improved efficiency.

HCL Data Center Energy Management

HCL Data Center Energy Management(DCEM) is an AI/ML powered agentless solution for energy management at enterprise and telco data centers. This solution is designed for efficient data center management by less manual intervention and lower energy cost.

  • Dynamically manages energy utilization of data center IT infrastructure
  • Closed loop automation that learns and optimizes the energy consumption without impacting the performance.
  • Live dashboard showing consumption, energy saving and carbon emission trends

HCL Telco Observability Platform

HCL Telco Observability is an AI/ML powered network observability and optimization platform capable of:

  • End-to-End Mapping from network application to infrastructure, topology discovery, microservices and containers visibility.
  • Delivers utilization and performance data and functional KPIs.
  • Generates actionable insights to analyze trends and optimize performance.
  • Supports sustainable NOC and SOC operations.

HCL Unified Device Management

HCL Unified Device Management (UDM) is an AI/ ML powered centralized device management solution aimed to provide remote device management to CSPs managing large scale networks. Key use cases include device management for home (HDM), small and medium businesses, public Wi-Fi, educational institutes etc.

  • Onboard, manage, collect, analyze, and optimize Fixed Wireless Access(FWA) mobile hotspots, routers.
  • Consolidates multiple controllers with protocols like TRxxx, MQTT, openWISP into a single cloud-based controller.
  • Supports legacy network devices like SIP phones, Routers, Modems, CPEs, STB's, etc.

HCL Digital Telco Solutions

HCL Digital Telco Solutions for Security

The software product enables proactive monitoring of online assets, identify cyber risks, ensure compliance, modernize network defense, and unify end-point management.

  • Powered by HCL BigFix and HCL AppScan to address compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Covering Network, Cloud, Application, Internet of Things (IoT) and Information Security.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) security

HCL Digital Telco Solutions for Marketplace

The product enables CSPs to build their own digital marketplace monetizing their network and other related products and services.

  • Powered by HCL Commerce this product is a ‘marketplace as a service’ for B2B, B2C and B2B2C customers.
  • Bundled service offering for enterprises to become tech enablers.
  • API monetization.

HCL Digital Telco Solutions for Marketing

This software is customized for telecom companies to handle large volume of customer data, churn prediction and campaign management.

  • Powered by HCL Telco Unica, the campaign management tool offered by HCLSoftware
  • Personalized and contextual campaigns


HCL X-Haul

HCL X-Haul is an infrastruce IP solutions that is scalable and configurable mmWave and Microwave Modem IP for point-to-point fronthaul, backhaul and last mile fiber alternative.

  • Industry leading modem-IP for Microwave and D and E band
  • Multi-band, multi-carrier solution with throughput up to 50Gbps
  • Very low latency (<100 micro-secs)

Portable IP, deployable on FPGA, eASIC or dedicated SoC

HCL UPF Acceleration

HCL UPF Acceleration is a cloud-native, high-performance software solution incorporating configurable hardware offloading capabilities for both network Edge and Core deployments.

  • Policy enforcement to optimize resources.
  • QoS management to handle a variety of services.
  • Deep Packet Inspection to classify subscriber traffic.

HCL Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway

HCL Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for current and future generation of Mobile Transport Networks

  • Allowing operators to support various scenarios based on zero touch provisioning, slicing, deep buffering, advanced QoS and security.
  • Based on Intel FPGA Agilex technology and P4 programming
  • Is easily extensible and customizable, providing multiple gigabit and 10 gigabit traffic interfaces.
  • Enables comprehensive synchronization support.
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