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The HCL SMARTWiFi Platform delivers a WiFi 6 cloud solution for Communications Services Providers (CSP) and Managed Services providers (MSP) to centrally manage access points across large scale deployments with multiple sites. With secure, robust connectivity and a superior WiFi management experience, configure bulk access points and see near real -time reporting. 

HCL SMARTWiFi Platform Benefits:

  • Powerful and intuitive cloud-based Access Point (AP) management that eliminates the complexity of on-premises wireless controller hardware
  • Advanced features such as radio resource management, band steering, and load balancing, improve network performance
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional offerings with a 40-60% savings based on volume and choice of access points

Customer Success

"Our partnership with HCL allows us to deliver advanced WiFi management services to our Rakuten Mobile customers in Japan, and globally through Rakuten Symphony."

Tareq Amin
Chief Technology Officer
Rakuten Mobile

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Product Capabilities

AP Management

  • Bulk AP configuration
  • Monitor real-time AP traffic
  • Seamless switch over

Reporting and Analytics

  • Near real-time reporting
  • Network traffic insights 
  • Track user bandwidth & time


  • Supports WPA3
  • Rogue AP detection
  • Alarm creation 

Integration and Support

  • Operation Support System(OSS)
  • Dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 
  • Hotspot 2.0 roaming
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